He Got Up And Told The Brutally Honest Truth About The Bridezilla His Best Friend Was Marrying While Giving A Toast In Front Of All Their Guests At Their Wedding

Tom Merton/KOTO - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

If you’ve ever had to get up and give a toast at a wedding, I’m sure you agonized over what to say.

Maybe it took you months to plan out the perfect words for that special day, but this best man took his speech and basically threw it out the window.

He stood up and told the brutally honest truth about the bridezilla his best friend was marrying…in front of all the wedding guests.

He started out by explaining that he’s 30-years-old and he recently purchased a house with his wife. On top of that, his wife is currently pregnant and their son is due in 4 months.

He was very upfront with his best friend who was getting married, and he explained that he really doesn’t have a lot to spend being the best man in his wedding due to buying the house and having a baby on the way.

He laid out the money to rent his tux for the wedding, he paid to go on the bachelor trip to Maine, and he even covered the cost of his food and his wife’s food for the rehearsal dinner.

He also had decided to give them $300 in cash as a wedding gift, but after what happened leading up to the wedding, he never bothered giving it to the bride and groom.

His best friend’s bride-to-be would text him non-stop every single day with several updates. At first, he was alright with it, but things got increasingly out of hand.

He did his best to reply back to her, but if he didn’t reply once daily, she would have his best friend call him to follow up.

Tom Merton/KOTO – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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