Her Husband Always Eats Just The Middle Of Her Banana Bread And Leaves Her With The Edges, So She Cut Him Off Until He Learns To Cut Normal Slices

meteoritka - - illustrative purposes only

Whenever this twenty-nine-year-old woman realizes she has some bananas that are close to going bad, she does what many people do: she uses them to make banana bread.

“And I make really, really good banana bread,” she said.

Unfortunately, though, she has a thirty-one-year-old husband who constantly ruins her banana bread creations.

For context, her husband has this strange complex about eating any baked good that has an edge on it.

So, he always takes a knife and cuts out the middle of whatever sweet he is eating– whether that is to take the middle piece of a brownie or the middle slice of cake.

In turn, whenever she finally gets to take her freshly baked banana bread out of the oven and sets it on the counter to cool, her husband will swoop in and cut out a one to two-inch chunk from the middle, all for himself.

Even though he refuses to touch any part of the bread, though, she doesn’t really mind eating just the ends.

But at the same time, she literally never gets to eat the center– which is honestly her favorite part.

This whole ordeal gets even worse, though, because after her husband cuts out the middle portion, it causes the entire rest of the loaf to dry out within one single day.

meteoritka – – illustrative purposes only

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