His Sister Was Not Invited To His Future Sister-In-Law’s Bachelorette Party, So He Dropped Out Of His Brother’s Bachelor Party, And Their Relationship Has Remained Strained For Months Now

Yuliya - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

This twenty-six-year-old guy was the best man for his brother Brian’s wedding. So, he was obviously invited to go on his brother’s bachelor party trip to New Orleans.

The entire outing was coordinated by some of Brian’s friends, and he attended all of the planning sessions to hash out the itinerary. In turn, he claims that he had every intention of going to the bachelor party to support his brother.

However, his brother’s fiancée and future sister-in-law, Ella, then began planning her bachelorette party. Before she actually sent out the invitations, though, Ella reportedly called him for advice.

And during their conversation, it came out that she did not want to invite his sister since the bachelorette party was supposed to be a friend celebration– not a family trip. And he was pretty taken aback.

“I was kind of shocked because my sister was a bridesmaid for the wedding, so how can you not invite her?” he asked.

His mother also ended up hearing about Ella’s decision and tried to pressure her into inviting his sister.

Apparently, he also claims that many people dislike his sister– so his mother always tries to make sure that his sister is included in plans.

After his mom did that, though, Ella claimed to regret feeling “guilted and bullied” into making his sister a bachelorette.

Still, she claimed that she could still “make the trip right” by inviting her other closest friends. And that comment seriously upset him.

Yuliya – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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