She Just Found Out Her Mom Has Been Sleeping With Her Fiancé’s Dad, But Her Mom Called Her “Extremely Selfish” For Getting Upset About It 

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This woman and her fiancé had been dating for two years before he finally proposed to her two months ago, and she has been absolutely ecstatic ever since.

Her mom, on the other hand, got divorced about 10 years ago, and to her knowledge, her mom hadn’t been in any serious relationships over the past decade.

“My fiancé’s dad is also divorced, but he’s been divorced since my fiancé was a teenager,” she added.

Anyway, her mom and her fiancé’s dad didn’t get to meet until very recently – when her fiancé actually got down on one knee and popped the big question.

After that, the pair apparently “connected” and stayed in touch. And now, she just found out from her own mom that they have been hanging out, “canoodling,” and eventually, even sleeping together.

She was completely shocked to hear that things were getting quite serious pretty quickly between her mom and her fiancé’s dad, too.

Her mom claimed that she hadn’t had such strong feelings for anyone ever since divorcing her dad. So, her mom is really into her fiancé’s dad, but she’s been left feeling really uneasy about their budding relationship.

“This puts me in an awkward position because I’m about to marry this man, and if my mom and his dad get serious and take it to any other level in the future, he and I will technically be stepsiblings,” she explained.

That’s why she has tried to talk to her mom and voice her opinion. Nonetheless, her mom has just accused her of being extremely selfish. Plus, she even got asked if she believed her mom deserved to be happy.

ABCreative – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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