Her Mom Got Into An Altercation On The Street With A Woman Who Had The Same Name As Her Future Daughter, So Now Her Mom Wants Her To Change Her Baby’s Name, And She’s Refusing

“It has a classical and distinguished vibe that I like very much,” she revealed.

So, after taking some time to think the name choice over, she eventually said yes, and that was that. She also got to choose her baby girl’s middle name, Ida, in honor of her mother.

Just the other day, though, her forty-nine-year-old mother got into a scuffle on the street that is now threatening her daughter’s name choice.

It all began when her mother, Ida, was walking down the street and saw a young woman wearing a pair of shorts.

However, her mom apparently thought that the young woman was showing too much of her behind.

So, Ida decided to approach the woman and share that opinion in case the woman “had not noticed.”

If you could not have guessed, though, the young woman just got offended by her mother’s input, and a massive argument ensued.

In fact, both Ida and the woman began screaming and insulting each other for so long that a police officer actually had to intervene.

And once the authorities showed up, an officer wanted to take both her mother’s and the woman’s names. Lo and behold, that young woman’s name was apparently Beverley.

So now, after getting into that scuffle, her mom believes that she cannot use the name anymore for her baby girl– because apparently, her mom claims that she will always remember that “rude” woman and that the association will damage the relationship between her daughter and her mom. Yikes!

She, on the other hand, thinks that her mom is just acting plain ridiculous and that an altercation like that is no reason to change her daughter’s name.

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