Her Parents Have Gotten Married And Separated Three Times, And Now She Was Asked To Be The Maid Of Honor At Their Fourth Wedding, But After She Refused To Buy Yet Another Expensive Dress, Her Mom Freaked Out On Her

Her parents apparently just could not stay away from each other, though– because three years later, her mom and dad decided that they wanted to renew their vows.

So, she was a part of the ceremony for the third time and had to buy an all-new nice dress for the occasion.

But, if you could not have guessed where this story was going, it ended in her parents splitting up for one more time!

“Surprise! They got divorced! Again! And only after three months after their renewal,” she revealed. Yikes!

So, following that third separation, she just tried to live her life on her own– because honestly, she really was not thrilled about whatever her parents were doing in their relationship.

Moreover, she was really just over the constant back and forth.

It appears that as hard as she tries, though, she just cannot escape her parents’ on-and-off marriage.

In fact, just a few days ago, she received an invitation to– you guessed it– her parent’s fourth wedding after six years of separation!

So, she immediately decided to call her mom and find out what the heck was going on. Her mom apparently could not have been more excited, though, and informed her that she was now old enough to be the maid of honor.

Moreover, her mom dropped one more massive bomb– she was expected to buy a fifteen hundred dollar dress for the occasion!

That nearly made steam come out of her ears, and she told her mom hell no. Don’t get me wrong: she did accept the invitation to be the maid of honor in the ceremony.

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