His Girlfriend Didn’t React Well To Him Asking If She Could Make Sure To Put Their Dog’s Collar On Every Morning Since She Takes It Off Every Night, And Now He’s Not Sure If That Was A Crazy Ask

zinkevych - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person or dog

A guy and his girlfriend live together and share a dog who is really wonderful. They purchased an $80 collar for him, and it’s crafted out of leather.

It has a very soft lining, but still, his girlfriend insists on removing their dog’s collar every single night.

She believes their dog sleeps better without it, and it’s more comfortable for their dog to spend some time free of the collar.

“But what often happens in the morning when I want to take our dog for a walk in the park, his collar is somewhere in a random spot in the house, and I have to go search for it,” he explained.

“I find it quite annoying to have to search for his collar when I have limited time before work to walk your dog.”

“So I ask my girlfriend to stop taking the collar off because it’s a very nice collar that is well made and not tight on his neck at all. She says no, it’s nice for him. I say okay, will you then put it back on him every morning, so I don’t have to search for the collar?”

His girlfriend did agree before insisting that he couldn’t bank on her remembering to do this every single morning on end, as she is likely to forget about it on occasion.

He did say that was alright before trying to get his girlfriend to agree with what they had just discussed.

He asked her to please say that she would at least try to put it back on every morning, but if she forgets, he’s ok with that.

zinkevych – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person or dog

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