She Claims That Her Parents Were Beyond Obnoxious And “Ruined” Her Little Sister’s Wedding This Past Summer, So She Uninvited Them From Her Own Wedding

“That was an extra hour and a half of pictures in the middle of [my sister’s] wedding day. The reception started late because of my parents. My sister was on her feet for an extra ninety minutes,” she revealed. Can you even imagine?

Plus, she admitted that she could go on and on about various other ways her parents impacted her sister’s wedding.

But the most important thing she walked away with was knowing exactly how she did not want her own wedding to go.

So, now that she is engaged and gearing up to plan her wedding, she literally told her parents that they better not try “any of that sh*t” on her big day.

According to her, though, her parents just said that was “who they were” and that they refused to change for anyone.

And understandably, she did not like hearing that answer from her parents. In fact, it made her pretty freaking nervous about what might happen or go wrong on one of the biggest days of her life.

In turn, she ended up talking to her fiancé about her concerns, and they decided together to uninvite her parents from the wedding!

More specifically, she told her parents that they were welcome to go to the church and watch her actual wedding ceremony as normal guests.

However, she said they were not allowed to be near her wedding party, in any of the pictures, or at her wedding reception.

“And they are not helping us pay for the wedding, so we don’t really owe them anything,” she reasoned.

Obviously, though, this plan did not go over well with her entire family. In fact, her sister was really the only person who understood her perspective and took her side.

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