She Doesn’t Want Her Best Friend’s Obese Husband To Visit Because He Broke A Bunch Of Her Furniture Last Time, But She Does Not Know How To Handle This Situation Without Upsetting Her Best Friend Or Sounding Like A Jerk

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This thirty-year-old woman and her fiancé, who is twenty-six, recently bought a home together. They also already have two children, so finally getting to own their own home has been a dream come true.

In fact, they both grew up quite poor, so this has been a goal she and her fiancé have been working toward for a while.

And after they first moved in, the couple decided to celebrate and throw a big housewarming party. On the invite list was also her best friend of ten-plus years, who she also invited to stay over.

Now, she revealed that she is a disabled stay-at-home mom who does not get out of the house much. Plus, her best friend lives about two hours away, so they rarely get to see each other.

However, she honestly could not love their friendship anymore, and she feels that no matter how much distance or time passes between them, they will always remain like sisters.

“I love her and her husband so much. I can tell her anything, and she can trust me with anything. She is truly my best friend,” she explained.

“We can not talk for months and start talking again like we last spoke yesterday. She is one of the best people I have ever met.”

So, after she realized that there was a big issue with her best friend’s husband coming to visit, it seriously started to tear her up inside– because she did not want to upset or drive her friend away.

This issue all ties back to the housewarming party, when not just her best friend but also her best friend’s husband stayed at her house for a few days. And apparently, her best friend’s husband simply refuses to take care of himself– meaning that he is now between five and six hundred pounds.

Look! – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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