She Claims That Her Parents Were Beyond Obnoxious And “Ruined” Her Little Sister’s Wedding This Past Summer, So She Uninvited Them From Her Own Wedding

vickyrandom - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This woman claims that her parents are simply just overbearing people. According to her, both her mom and dad have massive personalities, and they will “steamroll” anyone and everyone who tries to get in their way.

And unfortunately, their tendencies seriously came out at her little sister’s wedding this past summer. In fact, she claims that her parents were more obnoxious than ever before.

First of all, her parents reportedly delivered “terrible” speeches during the reception. Then, they got the DJ– who happened to be her cousin– to play really bad music in order to make the “older folks” happy.

Well, she actually claims that they nearly tackled the DJ to make that playlist happen.

“They literally, not figuratively, pushed my cousin out of the way to look through his music,” she recalled. Yikes!

Probably the worst thing that her parents did at the wedding, though, was actually bullying her sister into making the photographer take family pictures of her sister with everyone outside of the wedding party.

And these were not just photos of each family sitting at their tables during the reception, either. No, according to her, her parents pushed for straight-up portraits to be taken of each group because they reasoned that everyone was “already there” and “dressed up.”

Even though that might sound kind of reasonable, too, she claims that the photos took forever.

To paint the picture: there were about fifteen different families invited, and she claimed that none of the photo ops went quickly or smoothly.

vickyrandom – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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