She Honestly Didn’t Invite Her Sister To Be A Bridesmaid Because Then She Would Have To Ask Her Adopted Sister To Be One Too And She Hates This Girl

shunevich - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

A 24-year-old girl has a sister 2 years older than her and growing up, they were thick as thieves.

As they got older, though, they ended up not being close in their teen years, and it was all because her sister chose to prioritize her best friend over her.

Now, she always hated her sister’s best friend because this girl was forever downright mean to her.

Not only that, but her sister’s best friend also went out of her way to make mean comments to her too.

Although she couldn’t stand her sister’s best friend, her entire family adored this girl. Her sister’s best friend was an only child who had an awful relationship with her own mom and dad, so her family ended up taking her in.

“From the age of 15, she spent most of her time at our house, which often meant I felt out of place,” she explained.

“My parents would tell me we’d get closer with time, and she was just struggling with having a younger kid around so much. When she turned 18, my parents adopted her so she’d have a family legally to fall back on who would be there for her, and since then, she has been treated the very same as me and my sister. My sister loves it. But things between me and her were not improved by the adoption.”

“My sister and I ended up a little closer again, but not like it was before and not like she has with her best friend. And I get that. Friends can often be the family you choose vs. the family you are biologically related to. But it makes it hard for me to do the big family stuff because technically, she is now family, and I would need to invite her, and not inviting her would be a huge freaking deal.”

Fast forward to now, and she’s engaged. Her husband-to-be has an older sister that she has seriously bonded with, and his sister is the only girl on his side of the family.

shunevich – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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