She Picked Out Very Nice Christmas Gifts For Her Ex And His Whole Family And Addressed Them From Their 1-Year-Old Son, But Her Ex Returned The Presents To Her

prostooleh - - illustrative purposes only; not the actual person

A 37-year-old woman separated from her 38-year-old husband since they fought a lot, and they were concerned it was impacting their 1-year-old son.

Her husband moved out of their place and in with his family, and after going through a separation, they decided to file for divorce, and he’s almost her ex-husband.

She works a full-time job, and her ex’s mom and dad watch their son while she’s at work. Her ex works from home trading cryptocurrency.

“As Christmas approached, I wanted to get all of them something from my son, and I wanted to get his parents something from me as a sign of my appreciation for watching my child all week (for free),” she explained.

“I made my son’s grandparents a calendar with pictures of only them, their son, and grandson, I am not in the pictures at all.”

“This was meant to be from my son to them. Then I gave them a $100 gift card to a restaurant they really like with a note thanking them for all they do and to please enjoy a dinner out on me.”

“For my ex, I got him a $50 gift card to a clothing store he really likes and signed only my son’s name on the card. He has lost a lot of weight and looks great. I thought some new clothes would be a nice gesture.”

She drove to her ex’s parent’s house on Christmas Eve to drop off their son before she headed to work that day, and when she passed their son off to her ex’s mom, she also gave her the Christmas gifts she got for all of them.

Her ex’s mom had also gotten her a little something.

prostooleh – – illustrative purposes only; not the actual person

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