She Says She Has The Best Elf On The Shelf Hack For You That Will Help Make Christmas Even More Magical For Your Kids

TikTok - @becca.libra

The innocence and wonder that children embody during the holiday season is truly a sight to behold. Parents want to preserve their belief in Santa Claus and keep the magic of Christmastime alive for as long as possible.

That’s why one of the most popular Christmas traditions that are practiced in the US is Elf on the Shelf.

Elf on the Shelf is a game that many kids enjoy. The idea is that an elf pops up around different locations in the house, checking to see whether your child is being naughty or nice.

Then, the elf reports back to Santa. And, of course, it’s parents behind all the magic, but there’s no need to let the kids know that this year!

Some parents on TikTok have noticed a small issue with the elf’s design. The limbs of the toy aren’t very cooperative, so it can be difficult to hide it in creative places.

But one mom has the best hack that will make this Christmas even better than the last.

Rebecca (@becca.libra) unraveled four paper clips so that they resembled straight wires. Then, she inserted them into the seams of the elf’s legs and arms.

Now that the elf has flexible limbs, it will be much easier for parents to continue spreading Christmas joy while expanding the number of places in the home where the elf can be concealed.

And the hack is so quick and easy that it can be completed in under a minute!

Many viewers on TikTok were grateful for the tip and questioned why the elf wasn’t made that way in the first place.

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