She Told Her In-Laws To Stop Referring To Her As “Mama” Instead Of Her Real Name Because It Felt Like They Were Erasing Her Personal Identity, But Her Husband’s Sisters Ended Up Attacking Her Over It

Thankfully, her mother-in-law did seem to get the message by then and took her hand to squeeze it.

Then, her mother-in-law actually apologized for making her feel that way and claimed to have never realized how the pet title made her feel. Plus, her mother-in-law admitted to just getting over-excited about being a grandma.

So, after hearing that, she honestly started to feel a bit better about the situation.

Well, that was until her two other sisters-in-law decided to jump into the conversation and actually began berating her for her dislike of the term “mama.”

One of her sisters-in-law even tried to do the whole “Are you okay? Do you need to talk to someone? You sound so angry, it isn’t healthy” thing that really pissed her off.

She felt like it came off as faux concern and was actually just meant to shame her for showing any emotional response to the situation.

Then, the other sister-in-law just became downright angry at her and started asking if being a mom was “somehow beneath her.”

She even got accused of thinking she was “better than the rest of them” for wanting to be called by her own name!

Anyway, that whole incident eventually ended, and she and her husband finally left the Christmas celebration.

While they were heading home, though, her husband decided to ask why she had kept those feelings bottled up for so long.

But honestly, she pointed out how she hadn’t. In fact, she had voiced her upset with feeling like she had lost her personal identity many times before and told her husband that no one had ever listened prior to the night.

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