This 14-Year-Old Girl Refused To Go To Her Dad’s Wedding Because Her New Stepmom Hates Her, But Then Her Dad And Stepmom Tried To Force Her To Watch A Video Of Their Wedding

morrowlight - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

A 14-year-old girl has a dad who started dating a woman named Carol 2 years ago, and last month, her dad married Carol.

Well, Carol hates her, and Carol also hates her little brother, who is 10-years-old. Carol really has it out for her, though, and Carol never misses an opportunity to put her down, be nasty to her, or accuse her of being a problem.

“She constantly compares us to her daughters, constantly picks fights, and tries to parent my brother and me,” she explained.

“She yells and calls us names when we have to go over. If one of her daughters does something to us, like taking our stuff, she just brushes it off and laughs. And our dad just lets it happen.”

“We have no choice but to see him 4 times a month because of his and our mom’s court agreement. But we hate it there, and we hate Carol. So we didn’t go to their wedding, even though dad was super pissed and fought with us about it for two months after we told him we weren’t going.”

A week ago, her dad came to get her and her brother, and she instantly recognized that her dad and Carol were in high spirits, which hadn’t been the norm for them.

Carol was chatting about the honeymoon they went on to Florida, and after they arrived at her dad’s house, and she her brother were asked to sit down.

She had an awful feeling about what was going to happen, and then she realized Carol’s daughters strangely were not in the house.

“Carol came to sit on the other couch, and she was just staring at us, looking like she’d won something,” she said.

morrowlight – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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