His Friend Lied Just To Get Him To Sleep With Her Because She Heard That He Was Good In Bed From His Ex-Girlfriend And Then This Girl Tried To Say He Can’t Tell Their Friends What Happened Between Them Because Nice Guys Never Kiss And Tell

Matt Antonioli Photo - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

Last night, a 25-year-old guy went out on the town with a couple of his friends, and he’s newly single after finding out 5 months ago that his ex-girlfriend cheated on him.

Yesterday was the very first time that he felt as if he could get over her, and he was looking forward to getting to spend time with 2 of his single female friends in his circle.

1 girl, in particular, he felt that he was really vibing with, and he did make a couple of moves on her that night, but she didn’t seem that into him after all.

As the night came to an end, he and his friends all got into the same car to head home, and they were all pretty drunk except for their designated driver.

He ended up offering to help walk the other single girl in his friend group who he wasn’t hitting on up to her apartment since she was quite wasted and had to make it up a couple of flights of stairs.

“When we got to the stairs, she was like, “okay, I’m going to need some help up the stairs,” and in my drunk brain, I was like, she wants me to pick her up and carry her,” he explained.

“So I threw her over my shoulder and carried her up the stairs. From then, it was on like Donkey Kong. Sparing you some details, I put her down, and she lunged at me. She asks me to stay the night.”

Now, he never casually hooks up with any girl because he isn’t interested in getting physical if it’s not going to lead to a serious relationship.

He then let her know that if she wanted to hook up with him, he wanted to at least take her out on a proper date afterward.

Matt Antonioli Photo – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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