This Guy Is The Sweetest Dog Dad Ever, And He Even Carries His Dog Down Escalators

According to an interview with the Rachael Ray Show, Cliff has had Brodie since he was just a tiny puppy.

“Ever since Brody was a puppy, we’ve done everything from backpack bike rides to helicopter rides,” says Cliff. “That really helped us establish this inseparable bond.”

Cliff and Brodie have visited almost half of the country together. They’ve gone on adventures in popular cities such as New Orleans and San Antonio and visited historic landmarks like the Grand Canyon!

“We can pretty much go into any environment, and if he trusts me so much, he’ll be comfortable,” says Cliff in the video.

Brodie became a viral sensation on TikTok when Cliff began watching some funny dog videos that had gotten really popular over the pandemic. He knew that Brodie was just as entertaining as some of those dogs and has been posting videos of him ever since.

The intentions behind continuing to post with Brodie are as sweet as ever.

“I hope people are inspired by our videos to form a bond with their dog, similar to the one that Brodie and I have, and to find their own adventure buddy,” says Cliff. “I know I couldn’t live without mine.”

To view Brodie’s TikTok page, visit the link here.

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