This Guy Is The Sweetest Dog Dad Ever, And He Even Carries His Dog Down Escalators

Have you seen TikTok videos of a man and his big Goldendoodle doing all sorts of things together, including cruising in the same bike and car with shades on? Well, if you haven’t, you’re missing out!

The internet can’t get enough of Cliff and his Goldendoodle named Brodie, who has posted some of the cutest and most fascinating videos together.

Brodie and Cliff love to travel and go on adventures with each other. Their doting audience on the internet loves to keep up with them!

Their videos have gotten so popular that Brodie’s TikTok account (@brodiethatdood) now has over 4 million followers.

Some of Cliff and Brodie’s most popular videos include Cliff holding Brodie since he’s just a giant fluff ball. People love watching as Cliff holds big Brodie in his arms as they do things like ride down public escalators together.

Their bond is so strong that Brodie will even sit and ride on the back of Cliff’s bike as they cruise down the street, making the day for those who catch a glimpse of them.

Cliff has written in one of his video captions that Brodie was “put on this Earth to make people smile.”

So what is their back story?

TikTok; pictured above, Cliff carries Brodie down the escalator

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