If You Don’t Want To Tank Your Twenties, Then Avoid These Common Pitfalls At All Costs

At the same token, though, you are free of all the restraining responsibilities that might prevent such spontaneity in the future. I’m talking about mortgage payments, marriage, children, and more.

So, this should be the wildest and most adventurous time of your life. If you have always wanted to move to a new city, do it. If you want to travel the world, do it. If you hope to go back to school or try out a brand new career path, do it! Don’t leave your twenties full of regret.

2. Not Breaking Out Of Your Shell

This point is two-fold. First, let’s focus on people. Too often, after we return from college, we also return to our same friend groups from when we were teens. And a lot of the time, these friendships are still great, don’t get me wrong.

But your twenties are also the perfect time to branch out and start surrounding yourself with new people.

Finding friends who come from different backgrounds or who have different interests can expose you to new opportunities, hobbies, and experiences. Plus, this can be seriously inspiring for those who are looking to break out of the same-old-same-old and start their own really unique lives.

Similarly, you have to break out of your own personal shell or “comfort zone.” Dreaming big is one great thing, but actually making those dreams happen is an entirely different ballgame.

Push yourself to try new things and engage in activities or experiences that might have scared you in the past– or maybe still do. This is one of the best ways to grow yourself as a person and learn how to navigate challenges.

3. Pushing Your Career To The Wayside

I know, with all of this “take risks” and “try new things” talk, this career point might seem like a downer. But its importance cannot be understated. You should use your twenties to find a career that works for you and save up as much money as you can.

Yes, it is completely normal to still be figuring out what you enjoy and how you want to make money at this age. But, if you are in this boat, you should still focus on taking incremental steps toward that goal– not avoiding it out of fear or uncertainty.

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