If You’re Looking To Make Chicken Nuggets More Healthy, She Has A Recipe For You

TikTok - @tendieex

Two words: chicken nuggets. It’s a food coveted by both kids and adults alike.

Who doesn’t like crispy bite-sized pieces of chicken that you can dip into your favorite sauce?

Some of the most popular methods for obtaining chicken nuggets are by stopping in at a fast food drive-thru line or picking up a bag of frozen ones at the grocery store.

Unfortunately, these nuggets are often deep-fried beyond oblivion or stuffed full of preservatives.

TikToker @tendieex has a recipe for a healthier version of chicken nuggets that consists of cleaner ingredients but still retains the perfectly golden crispiness that we all know and love.

Each nugget contains 35 calories and five grams of protein. To start, you’ll need 300 grams of diced chicken breasts coated in a savory seasoning.

The seasoning ingredients are half a teaspoon of salt, a teaspoon of all-purpose seasoning, a half teaspoon of black pepper, one-fourth teaspoon of curry powder, one teaspoon of thyme, one teaspoon of parsley, and ten grams each of red and white onion.

After seasoning the chicken, put them in a blender and blitz them for five seconds. You don’t want them mixed too thin.

Next, transfer the chicken to a bowl and sprinkle bread crumbs all over.

Then, shape them into mini nuggets. You should have about fifteen to twenty nuggets from this recipe. To ensure that the chicken cooks evenly, form them into roughly the same size.

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