In 1982, This Michigan Teen Disappeared While Walking Home And Was Found Assaulted, Beaten, And Strangled Over Three Weeks Later: Now, The Teen’s Case Has Been Transferred, And Her Family Is Asking The Public For Information 

Facebook - pictured above is Kimberly

In 1982, Kimberly Louiselle was a tenth grader at South Lyon High School in Michigan. On March 20 of that year, though, the sixteen-year-old suffered a tragedy that resulted in her getting kidnapped, beaten, and strangled to death.

Her story really began on March 18, 1982, when Kimberly visited her boyfriend to help him and his family move from Redford Township to Detroit.

She remained there for two days until Kimberly’s boyfriend’s brother offered her a ride– dropping the teen off at Merriman and 8 Mile Road.

After getting dropped off, Kimberly reportedly made four phone calls at about 6:30 p.m. in an attempt to find a ride for the rest of her way home.

She never did, though, and was last seen walking west on Eight Mile– several miles away from her home.

That evening marked the night Kimberly disappeared, and the teen remained missing for over three weeks.

Then, on April 14, 1982, police discovered the teen’s body about five miles away from her home in Livingston County– left behind a park-and-ride at the corner of Kensington and Grand River.

Kimberly’s remains were found without clothes and repeatedly assaulted, beaten, and strangled. None of the teen’s personal belongings were ever found.

And even though Kimberly had been missing for weeks, autopsy reports revealed that she had only been deceased for four to six days prior to discovery.

Facebook – pictured above is Kimberly

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