In 1994, This 6-Year-Old From California Vanished While Playing Outside With Her Three Older Brothers One Summer Afternoon, And Her Case Has Remained Unsolved Ever Since

Facebook - pictured above is Crystal

In 1994, Crystal Ann Tymich was just six-years-old. She was born and raised in California, spending equal time at her mother’s house in Santa Monica and her father’s home in Los Angeles, and had three brothers– who were twelve, ten, and eight at the time.

Crystal was known by her mom as an energetic and fun-loving young girl who absolutely loved video games– often frequenting local arcades.

The six-year-old also enjoyed spending time playing with her siblings and taking part in typical childhood shenanigans.

So, June 30, 1994, started off no different. That warm summer day, Crystal and her three older brothers were staying at their father’s house, and they went to play outside.

The four kids eventually ended up near a neighbor’s home when they decided to compete in a sort-of competition.

More specifically, Crystal and her brothers took turns seeing who could throw a peach the furthest over a neighbor’s house.

After a while, though, Crystal’s older brother, Jeffrey, claims that one of their parents or grandparents called for the children to go back inside.

Then, after he and his other two brothers began running home, Jeffrey reportedly looked back and realized Crystal was not behind them. The last known sighting of the six-year-old was between 2:00 p.m. and 5:00 p.m. that day.

Immediately after Crystal disappeared, the Tymich family began frantically searching throughout the neighborhood.

Facebook – pictured above is Crystal

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