Miso Black Cod Is An Elegant Thing To Make For Dinner If You’re Having Your Valentine’s Day Celebration At Home

TikTok - @derekkchen

You’ve probably already given some thought to your dinner plans for Valentine’s Day. Well, the best V-Day meals are all about elegance. And only the most delicious dishes will suffice.

Showing how much you care doesn’t mean having lobster and caviar or dropping big bucks on an expensive bottle of champagne.

Sure, those things can be nice, but a lovingly prepared dish made by your own two hands truly displays your passion.

So if cooking is your love language, feed your partner this Valentine’s Day special: miso black cod, a classic Japanese dish. It’s a meal that is elegant, but it doesn’t break the bank.

And you can make it at home without hassle. What could be more romantic than the thoughtful gesture of a home-cooked meal?

TikToker Derek Chen (@derekkchen) has a recipe for miso black cod that will totally make your date night. This fish is difficult to overcook, so don’t feel intimidated if you’re not a regular in the kitchen.

However, this dish requires several days of preparation, so plan ahead! Don’t worry, though, because it’s super easy and quick to do.


-5 to 6 black cod filets

-Sake for washing the fish

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