She Vanished Last March After Giving Someone A Ride From Louisiana To Texas, And Then Her Car Was Found 13 Hours Away From Her Home

Twenty-two years ago, Ella Goodie from Lafayette, Louisiana, met her best friend, Felicia Broussard, in a detention home for troubled teens. And from the start, Felicia felt a duty to look after her “younger sister.”

“I kind of always wanted to look out for her since we met. Growing up, she had it a little more rougher than the average person,” Felicia said in an interview with Dateline.

According to Felicia, Ella’s mother was disabled. So, from a very young age, Ella was expected to be her mother’s caregiver and help raise her only sibling.

“She had to step up as a kid– look after her brother, help her mama. She was like a caretaker for him, and I was hers,” she recalled.

Despite these struggles, Ella reportedly always stayed in good spirits, and the pair of friends regarded each other as family.

In March, though, the 32-year-old disappeared while giving someone a ride from Louisiana to Texas, and Felicia has been left reeling ever since.

It all began earlier last year when Ella shared how she was looking for work, and Felicia suggested that she start working for Lyft– a ridesharing company. According to Felicia, her friend was hesitant at first and did not really want people in her car.

“But I kind of talked her into it,” Felicia revealed.

And eventually, Ella came to enjoy the job before even deciding to cut out the middle man and rideshare on her own.

Facebook – pictured above is Ella

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