This Online Murder Paraphrenalia Site Is Selling Jeffrey Dahmer’s Glasses For $150,000 Along With A Slew Of Other Items Owned By The Serial Killer

Ever since Netflix released Dahmer – Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story in September, the infamous serial killer has reentered the public spotlight. And many do not think that is a good thing.

The series essentially gave viewers an inside look from the murderer’s perspective– dramatizing the story and, according to many dismayed viewers, romanticizing the heinous crimes.

Aside from the mixed opinions that the Netflix original spurred, though, there is no doubt that the series’ release also sparked a ton of other Dahmer intrigue online.

In fact, one online store which specializes in the sale of murder paraphernalia is even trying to capitalize on the media frenzy.

Cult Collectibles is a “murderabilia” site based in Vancouver and owned by Taylor James. The online store sells “rare and one-of-a-kind items from the world of true crime and cults”– boasting merchandise from countless killers and criminals, mass and school shooters, counterculturists, and cults.

The newest addition to the site, though, is known as the Jeffrey Dahmer Collection. There, anyone can purchase everything from the killer’s unseen crime scene photos and psych reports to legal paperwork and childhood school projects.

One of the most notable additions to the collection, though, is the glasses that Jeffrey Dahmer wore in prison– which were put up for sale for one hundred and fifty thousand dollars.

Taylor James reportedly acquired these glasses, along with a slew of other Dahmer-owned items, after being contacted by Dahmer’s father’s housekeeper.

Then, James apparently agreed to manage and sell the merchandise as long as he was afforded a cut of the profits.

Milwaukee Police Department – pictured above is Jeffrey Dahmer in a mugshot

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