Everything You Need To Know About The Strength Card And What It Means During Tarot Card Readings

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If you are looking for clarity in your life, you may want to invest in some tarot cards. Tarot readings have become a sworn-by way to gain insight into past situations, current feelings, and even future endeavors.

Still, tarot can have a bit of a learning curve. There are 78 cards in a traditional deck, with each representing distinct themes. People can also interpret cards differently based on their own personal experiences, motives, and more.

While this is exciting and leaves a lot of room for individuality, the idea of figuring out what each card means might also be daunting.

That’s why we are going to talk about one very important card– the Strength tarot card– and what it means if you pull this one out during a reading. Plus, we’ll also cover how this card’s meaning may differ in the context of careers, relationships, and life challenges.

The Strength Card

Strength is the eighth card in the tarot’s Major Arcana, and traditionally, the card’s imagery portrays a woman taming a powerful lion. This symbolizes courage, inner power, and persistence.

If you pull the Strength card during a reading, though, it also often correlates to leading with your heart. In other words, your mind may recognize fear, but your heart will encourage you to push on anyway– letting enthusiasm and optimism fuel you rather than fear.

Suppose you are feeling scared or uneasy during a reading, then the Strength card may as well indicate that you need to tap into self-expression and creativity. It is urging you to be bold, take action, lead with self-confidence, and rely on your instinctive nature.

Strength Card: In Career

manuta – – illustrative purposes only

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