He Encouraged A Young Woman To Go Back To College Instead Of Working Full Time As A Cleaner, But After She Agreed, Her Family Accused Him Of Overstepping

Konstantin Yuganov - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This 29-year-old man recently hired a 23-year-old cleaner named Jane for his mother’s home. And after they ran into each other a few times and got to talking, he realized that she was “insanely smart.”

In fact, Jane even got accepted into two Ivy League universities. She was not able to attend those schools, though, because she could not leave behind her family.

Apparently, Jane has one older sister and four younger siblings. Her father is constantly in and out of their lives, and her mother does care for the kids. But, according to him, Jane’s mother “doesn’t do much herself.”

Jane’s older sister does work full-time, and her brother is currently attending trade school. But, after Jane went to a state school, she was forced to drop out to work full-time and help support her family.

Anyway, after learning all of this about Jane, he eventually asked if she actually enjoyed her job. And apparently, Jane got straight to the point and admitted to hating her life.

Nonetheless, she claimed that she loved her family and wanted to provide for them.

Then, a few weeks later, he decided to ask Jane if she would ever go back to college. At first, she did not think that was even possible– given how she had dropped out once already and couldn’t afford to go back.

He, on the other hand, realized that dropping out of college was not that big of a deal. After all, many college students drop out and go back to school later on in adulthood.

Plus, financial aid is available for people in Jane’s position, and he wanted to help get her back on track.

Konstantin Yuganov – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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