In 2014, Two Young Women Traveled To Panama And Vanished After Going On A Hike: Their Cell Phones And Camera Were Later Found, Revealing Disturbing Images

After making these discoveries on the student’s cell phones, the police then investigated the camera– which also contained disturbing evidence.

The first images were taken when Kris and Lisanne left for their hike on the morning of April 1. They showed the young women walking on a trail located near the Continental Divide and were not cause for concern.

Although, a second set of pictures taken on April 8 between 1:00 a.m. and 4:00 a.m. were much more concerning.

The photos showed all of the girls’ belongings spread out over rocks with candy wrappers and plastic bags. There was also a mirror, strangely piled mounds of dirt, and the back of Kris’ head. In the images, her temple was leaking blood.

This pushed authorities to return to the area where the backpack had been discovered, and there, they found Kris’ clothing. It had been nearly folded and placed along the river’s edge.

Two months afterward, a pelvic bone and a foot– which was still inside of a boot– were also discovered in the same region.

Shortly after this discovery, investigators ultimately found the bones of both Kris and Lisanne. Although, the state of their remains strangely differed.

Lisanne’s bones appeared as though they had undergone natural decomposition since there were still some remnants of flesh. Kris’ bones, however, were reportedly stark white– suggesting that they had been bleached.

This led investigators to question everyone from locals and tour guides to other hikers who had been in the same region at the time. Unfortunately, though, they uncovered little evidence.

It did come to light that Kris and Lisanne had met up with two Dutchmen for brunch on their last day prior to their disappearance. But no other information about these two men was ever tied to the case.

So, left without answers, authorities ultimately ruled the women’s death an accident in March 2015. Investigators believed that Lisanne had fallen, which was supported by the breaks in her ankle and foot.

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