She Helped Save Her Best Friend’s Cat From An Apartment Fire After The Firefighters Performed CPR On Him For 10 Minutes

GoFundMe - pictured above is Parker

Anytime I see that there has been a house or apartment fire on the news, my heart drops. Fires are terrifying, and something even more terrifying is that they can start when you’re not at home, putting all of your belongings and, sometimes, pets in danger without your knowledge. 

One young woman’s apartment recently suffered major damage from an electrical fire while at a concert with her boyfriend. When the fire started, her cat was inside.

But thankfully, her best friend, who lives a few floors above her, saved her cat as soon as she saw the commotion and has been helping her get back on her feet through viral TikTok videos and fundraising. 

“My downstairs neighbor’s apartment just burned down,” says TikTok user Violet La Moure in her viral TikTok video. “I have her cat. She’s at a concert right now, and she doesn’t even know anything happened.”

Violet’s best friend, Kyrah Clark (@parkers.story), and her boyfriend Kai lived in that downstairs apartment with Kyrah’s cat, Parker, and two guinea pigs named Cookie and Wookie. 

On the night of February 11th, the apartment caught on fire due to an electrical shortage in one of the wall outlets. She had just finished moving in the day before. 

Violet and her boyfriend were upstairs in their apartment when they heard all sorts of commotion outside.

The moment they found out Kyrah’s apartment was on fire, they rushed outside, knowing that the couple wasn’t home and her animals were inside. 

Tragically, the two guinea pigs did not survive the fire, but firefighters were able to pull Parker out of the house.

GoFundMe – pictured above is Parker

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