She Refused To Let Her Friend Wear Her Wedding Dress, So Her Friend Lied And Nearly Got Her Husband To Drop Off The Gown Anyway

Obviously, though, May was having a lot of trouble finding a gown that matched her expectations. So, she was ultimately asked if she would allow May to borrow her wedding dress.

Honestly, though, she did not want any alterations made to her dress– especially because she already had customizations added to the gown, and she really felt like it was “her dress.”

“It truly is my dress, and no one has one like it,” she added.

May claimed to be in a really bad bind, though and pointed out how there was not enough time to order a dress and have it altered by the wedding date.

But, while she did feel bad for her friend, she ultimately told May no. After all, she just does not want anyone to ever wear her wedding dress, period.

May reportedly did not take no for an answer, though, and just kept pressuring her for the gown. So, at that point, she told her friend that her decision not to lend out the dress was not just for sentimentality– it was also because of the weight loss goal that she and her husband set together.

“I also have an hourglass figure, whereas May is more shaped like an apple. No insults– but it is just how she looks,” she explained.

And as of right now, her wedding dress actually still fits her. She is just anticipating that, after giving birth, that won’t be the case anymore– meaning it would make a perfect weight loss outfit.

But, if she allows May to borrow the dress, she knows it would have to be altered so much to fit her friend’s shape that it just would not really be her dress anymore.

Still, May did not really get her reasoning and told her that she had an entire wardrobe to choose from for the weight loss outfit. Her friend also claimed that no one ever fits in their dress for a few years after giving birth anyway.

Finally, May tried to say that baby weight does not go away and told her that she should be thinking about May’s wedding instead of some future weight loss goal. Regardless, she opted to stick to her guns and say no a final time.

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