She Told Her Sister, Who Has A Developmental Disability, That Having A Baby Was Not A Good Idea, And Now Her Mother Is Very Annoyed With Her

“We both provide her with the emotional support she needs, too,” she added.

On top of that, she claimed that her sister is sometimes childlike– which hinders sound decision-making skills– and becomes easily anxious and stressed out.

Her sister also struggles to remain organized and on top of things– which she believes is worrisome when children enter the equation.

“When the said child becomes a teenager, for example, there may be a day when they surpass my sister with their understanding and abilities, and she subsequently ends up relying on them more than they can rely on her as a parent,” she explained.

At the same time, she can also see the childcare responsibilities falling on her and her mother’s shoulders.

Now, she claims that she loves her sister dearly and has always been happy to help her out. At the same time, though, she does not believe her sister having children would be in anyone’s best interest.

So, she was very open about her opinion with her family, but her perspective was not very well received. Instead, her family claimed she was being unfair and told her that the decision was up to her sister.

Now, she admitted to realizing that having kids was totally up to her sister. Still, though, she did not want to encourage that choice like the rest of her family was. Rather, she actually told her sister that she didn’t think having a baby was a good idea.

This ultimately caused her sister to become pretty upset and her mom to get annoyed with her for hurting her sister’s feelings.

According to her, though, it was important that she was upfront and truthful about her perspective.

“Since I love her, I want to be honest with her. I want her to fully know what she is committing to,” she vented.

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