This Aspiring Hollywood Starlet Vanished, And Then Her Ripped Purse Was Found In A Park, Along With A Strange Handwritten Note

At this point, though, investigators still had no viable suspects. All they were left with was the note and the mystery man “Kirk” to work with.

Well, that was until Kirk Douglas actually reached out to investigators himself while he was vacationing in Palm Springs. Apparently, the actor had heard about the case via news reports and claimed to have a tip.

More specifically, Kirk recalled how a friend of his said that Jean might have acted as an extra in his last movie.

Still, even though Kirk might have talked to Jean before, he claimed to barely remember the young star and also said that he had never gone out with her.

And while investigators cleared Kirk, Jean’s mother remembered that her daughter had spoken of a person named Kirk who was on set. However, Jean’s mom could not recall any additional information, including what studio the actors worked at together.

Afterward, though, one of Jean’s friends divulged a conversation they had with Jean in confidence. Apparently, the actress had revealed that she was pregnant right before her disappearance, which pushed investigators to think that perhaps the “Dr. Scott” may have been for an illegal pregnancy termination.

In turn, every physician in the Los Angeles area who had the last name “Scott” was followed up with. Unfortunately, though, this did not lead investigators to any additional information.

Authorities then canvassed the Sunset Strip in search of a potential suspect, but all they learned was that a former medical student with the nickname “Scotty” would frequent local clubs and bars to perform paid pregnancy terminations.

This “Scotty” was never located, though. So, investigators began to think that Jean might have died due to complications with the illegal procedure.

Still, that theory did not explain why Jean’s damaged purse was discovered in Griffith Park.

But, soon afterward, more information started to come to light. It was learned that Jean reportedly had an affair with an Air Force Lieutenant named “Scotty” during her marriage. That man was allegedly violent toward her, but Scotty’s lawyer claimed that after the affair ended in 1945, the pair never spoke again.

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