He Heard His Newborn Daughter Crying On Her Baby Monitor, And When He Went Into Her Room, He Saw A Man Standing Outside Her Bedroom Window In The Dark

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I can’t imagine anything scarier than moving into a new home and discovering that someone may be stalking your house. It sounds straight out of a horror movie! One man recently had this experience after purchasing a home for himself, his wife, and their newborn baby. 

It all started several months after they moved when he was driving around the neighborhood. He passed by a strange-looking truck about two to three houses down from his. 

“I say ‘strange’ for a few reasons,” he explains. “We know literally everyone in our small neighborhood, and I’d never seen this truck/person before. There’s no reason for traffic to come down our street, and the truck was driving very slowly.”

Once he parked in his driveway, he noticed that the truck made a U-turn and slowly drove past his house. The driver was a suspicious man who shot him a dirty look as he passed before speeding off.

It freaked this guy out, and when he told his wife about what happened, he found out that she had the exact same experience with that same truck. They figured they should be more mindful of security. 

The truck suspiciously drove past their house in that manner a few more times throughout a couple of weeks and then suddenly stopped.

He decided that perhaps he was just being paranoid and tried to dismiss the whole thing. But unfortunately, things just got weirder around their house.

Over the last month, they started hearing a strange tapping noise on the front windows of their house late at night. It always happens around 10:00-11:00 PM and is very soft yet distinct. 

“Now, our house is older,” he says. “Creaks and cracks are not uncommon. But this sound was so distinctly intentional that my wife and I immediately looked at each other and bolted up out of the room.”

New Africa – – illustrative purposes only

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