This Aspiring Hollywood Starlet Vanished, And Then Her Ripped Purse Was Found In A Park, Along With A Strange Handwritten Note

Jean never returned home the following day, though. So, worried, her sister-in-law contacted the Wilshire Division of the LAPD and attempted to file a missing person’s report.

Authorities did take down Jean’s details but were reportedly skeptical of the circumstances. In fact, they believed that the young starlet had perhaps gone out or been on a fling and would show up at home at some point.

However, the very next day, Jean’s purse was discovered by Gern Dell, one of the entrances to Griffith Park. One of the purse’s handles had been ripped off, which might have indicated a struggle.

And even though all of Jean’s belongings were still undisturbed in the bag, investigators did find a strange handwritten note inside as well.

“Kirk– Can’t wait any longer. Going to see Dr. Scott. It will work out best this way while mother is away,” the note read.

The note was not signed, but it also ended with a comma– leading the LAPD to believe that Jean did not have enough time to finish writing. Plus, Jean’s mother was away and visiting family in Kentucky on the day that the young actress disappeared.

So this discovery prompted a widespread search of the Griffith Park area. Sixty men ultimately aided the effort, but unfortunately, no other evidence was found.

In turn, investigators were forced to begin piecing together what happened before Jean disappeared.

First, authorities checked with Jean’s ex-husband, Dexter, and his new wife. However, the couple confirmed that they had spent all evening together and never saw or spoke with Jean.

Then, investigators checked Jean’s work and learned that there had actually been no film production occurring on the evening of October 7.

Instead, Jean was reportedly last spotted at a Farmers Market that was just a few blocks away from her home. And according to a clerk, the starlet seemed as though she was “waiting for someone.”

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