When She Was In College, She Went Out To Grab Ice Cream With Her Friends One Night, But It Got Real Creepy Real Fast When A Strange Man Approached Them

This is where things got odd. Things weren’t quite adding up. First, the man seemed strange and out of place in general. The way he emphasized that he would be an “upstanding gentleman” made them question his intentions.

Also, multiple men going to their cars passed him in the parking lot as he was bothering these women. Why couldn’t he ask one of them for a ride?

These women were studying forensic psychology and were especially mindful of dangerous situations with strange men. They told him they couldn’t give him a ride and suggested he take an Uber. 

Instead of thanking them and walking away, the man dramatically said, “I should have known. If you were my daughters, I wouldn’t have wanted you to give me a ride.” 

Then, he started walking in the opposite direction of the train station. 

“If he was up to some shady behavior, the audacity to try for two women at once in a busy parking lot in broad daylight was disturbing, to say the least,” she explains. 

You can read the original post on Reddit here. 

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