After Her Best Friend’s Husband Got Kicked Out Of His House And Asked To Stay At Her Place, She Made Him Sleep On An Air Mattress And Let Her Dogs Take The Pull-Out Couch

Rithor - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person or dog

This woman’s best friend has a husband named Bob, who happens to also be a close friend of her own husband.

Recently, though, her best friend kicked Bob out of their house for reportedly “being an idiot.”

It all began after Bob lied to her best friend in order to get out of spending a few hours with his in-laws– her best friend’s parents.

Understandably, her best friend was pretty upset about that, too, and called Bob out for lying.

Rather than owning up to his mistake and apologizing, though, Bob just wound up accusing his wife of having borderline personality disorder.

Then, he even found a checklist online and began going over the points– trying to explain why they fit her best friend.

This ultimately landed Bob in the dog house with his wife– who kicked him out a few nights ago.

Then, after his argument with her best friend, Bob went to her place and asked if he could spend the night at her and her husband’s home.

Now, they ended up agreeing to let him stay over. However, even though they had a comfy pull-out sofa in their living room, they always reserved that spot for their dogs.

Rithor – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person or dog

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