While On A Flight To Her Honeymoon, She Asked A Very Sweaty Stranger To Use Her Deodorant, And Her Husband Thinks She Was Way Too Rude

Kovalenko I - - illustrative purposes only

While it’s uncomfortable to be stuck in any situation with someone with poor hygiene, some situations are worse than others.

For instance, have you ever had to sit on an airplane next to someone who wasn’t smelling very fresh?

One woman recently asked a man on her flight if he’d use her deodorant, as he smelled so bad it became hard to sit near him.

She and her husband recently visited the Phillippines for their honeymoon and prepped for the long flight home. They shared some drinks in the airport and were having a good time closing out their trip. Then, things went downhill after boarding the plane.

The plane was very hot, and it took a while for the air conditioning to start up. The heat forced them and other passengers to take off their jackets and sweaters and sweat as they waited for some air.

For a brief moment, they were relieved, as there weren’t any passengers sitting near their seats. But then, things changed.

“At the last minute, this big guy came charging down the aisle toward us, and our hope died, but that’s expected, so we didn’t really care until he reached our seats,” she said.

“He was clearly sweating and stank like he hadn’t showered in years. The stench was a mixture of sweet and rot, and my husband and I stared at each other in shock when the guy sat down. The guy then took off his jacket, and the smell filled the whole area. Even an older lady who sat three rows ahead of us looked back at this dude.”

She put on a protective facemask, hoping it would help her with the smell, but it didn’t do much. After about 30 minutes of standing near the man, she knew she had to do something but didn’t want to cause a scene. She removed a deodorant stick from her carry-on bag and tapped the man on the arm.

Kovalenko I – – illustrative purposes only

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