Her Boyfriend’s Threatening To Break Up Unless She Allows His Violent Son To Come Live With Them

annanahabed - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

Seven years ago, this 31-year-old woman began dating her 36-year-old boyfriend, Jay, and then two years ago, they started living together in a house that she inherited.

Jay does have a 12-year-old son named Jr. from a previous relationship, and she knows he hasn’t been a great dad for the majority of the time that she has been with him.

Jay and his ex, Kelly, never got a formal custody agreement, so Jay only saw Jr. infrequently over the years.

Additionally, she says Jay didn’t make the kind of effort he was capable of making with Jr., which also accounts for him not winning any Father of the Year awards.

Jr. has been diagnosed with autism and ADHD and has been medicated in the past, but due to some problems with insurance, Jr. is no longer on any kind of medication.

Last weekend, Jay needed to work, so she volunteered to watch Jr. The day went great, but then she had to bring Jr. back to Kelly’s house.

Jr. insisted on taking a toy back to Kelly’s that was tiny and messy, with tons of little pieces. She informed Jr. he couldn’t do this, and that started an enormous fight.

As she attempted to take the toy from Jr. so they could leave the house, Jr. became violent with her, pushing and punching.

From there, Jr. tried to leave the house completely, and she was able to stop him, but she now knows that was a terrible idea on her part.

annanahabed – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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