He Caught His Wife Cheating And Threw Her Affair Partner’s Clothes In The Garbage, But Now She’s Blaming Him For Causing Her Affair Partner’s Divorce By Robbing The Guy And Getting Him Caught By His Own Wife

Natalia - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This 32-year-old man and his soon-to-be ex-wife, Madison, 30, have been married for four years. Even though they’re in couple’s therapy, he knows it won’t resolve their issues, and he predicts they will move forward with their divorce.

A year ago, he arrived home after a flight and discovered his wife was cheating on him. She and her affair partner were hooking up in the bedroom, and he noticed their clothes had been left in the living room. He was understandably furious when he heard the noises of his wife and the other man in the bedroom.

“I was getting my cricket bat out of the front closet when I stopped to think about the consequences. I did not want to go to jail. Instead, I took all their clothes and left quietly,” he said.

While on the way to his friend’s house, he tossed his wife’s and her affair partner’s clothing in a McDonald’s trash can. Among the clothes were the man’s wallet, phone, and car keys.

He turned his phone off and spent the rest of the day with his friend, and they got drunk. The following morning, he saw that he’d received numerous missed calls and text messages from Madison when he turned his phone back on.

Initially, Madison was afraid because she’d received updates on his flight home. After that, she was angry that he hadn’t called to update her that he’d be arriving home earlier than anticipated. From there, Madison told him she was terrified that someone had broken into the house, and later, she realized he’d been the one who came in and snuck back out.

Madison’s texts became more insane as she realized he knew about her affair. Since the man she was cheating with was five inches shorter than him and weighed 60 pounds less than he did, it would have been “obvious” if her affair partner had borrowed his clothes because they would have been too big for him.

“He ended up calling his friend to go get his spare keys from his house. Unfortunately for him, his wife smelled a rat and followed his friend back to my house,” he explained.

The man’s wife witnessed her husband leaving the house in baggy clothes, so she took photos as proof of his affair. Since the man and his wife signed a prenuptial agreement, it was null and void after he cheated on her. The entire fiasco was chaotic and messy.

Natalia – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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