He And His Girlfriend Are Pregnant, And They’re Left Feeling Guilty About How They Announced The News To His Family

Natalia - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

As exciting pregnancy announcements are, most believe there is a right time and place for them. 

Witnessing someone else’s pregnancy announcement can be rough for some couples who struggle to conceive. But does that mean they shouldn’t be supportive?

A man and his girlfriend recently announced her pregnancy to his family, including his brother, who has been struggling to have a baby with his girlfriend.

After seeing how they reacted, he feels guilty and wonders if he should’ve chosen a different time to share the good news. 

His girlfriend has passed the 12-week mark in her pregnancy and had a great scan recently. They’ve been excited to tell his family but weren’t sure how to do it, considering his brother and girlfriend have been struggling with fertility issues. 

He kept the pregnancy a secret for a while. For instance, his brother recently had a bachelor party, so he decided not to reveal the big secret then as not to take away any attention.

It was recently Mother’s Day in his country, and his immediate family gathered for dinner. He and his girlfriend thought it would be the perfect opportunity to announce the pregnancy. 

“Well, it didn’t go down so well,” he explained. “My brother’s partner was visibly upset and left the room shortly after [the announcement] to burst into tears.”

His brother congratulated everyone but couldn’t quite stay in the happy moment, as he was concerned for his girlfriend.

Natalia – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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