He Didn’t Invite His Female Friend To A Yacht Party Because She Didn’t Like The Guy Hosting It, But Now She’s Hurt He Didn’t Invite Her And Instead Asked Another Friend To Go

bernardbodo - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

It can be really frustrating when friends start exhibiting hypocritical behavior or start contradicting themselves. 

One man is dealing with that after his friend got upset with him for not inviting him to a party he thought she wouldn’t be interested in in the first place. 

He recently joined a car club in Miami and met an interesting man there. His name is Liam, and he’s a very wealthy man in his 40s.

He inherited a lot of money from his parents and eventually sold a company, which set him up, so he didn’t have to work anymore. Sounds nice, right?

Liam invited him to a party at his mansion two months ago. He was given a plus-one, so he brought along his good friend, Jess. Jess was excited to go, especially since she had never been to an extravagant party at a mansion.

When they first arrived, the party was amazing. There was awesome entertainment, food, and drinks. However, Jess got creeped out when she saw that Liam was hosting and hanging around a bunch of young girls in their 20s at the party.

Jess then told him she lost respect for him for being friends with a man like Liam. 

After some time had passed, he got invited to another one of Liam’s parties. This time it was his birthday party that he hosted on a yacht. There were celebrities and NFL players at the party, and it was a really cool event. 

He brought another friend named Liz, who also knows Jess, to the birthday party. Days after the party, Liz was so happy she got to go and went around telling as many people as she could what a fantastic time she had, and Jess overheard. 

bernardbodo – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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