Her Brother Asked Her To Tone Down Her Wedding Because His Wife Is Upset That She Will Have A More Luxurious Wedding Than They Did

Not too long ago, she was at a family function and spending time with her mom and Heather, and then her mom began questioning her about wedding planning.

As she filled her mom in on all of the details, she noticed that Heather wasn’t that happy. Heather eventually stopped talking and didn’t say a single word for the remainder of the night.

The following morning, Adrian phoned her up and pointed out that Heather was not happy, as Heather believed that she was trying to outdo her.

“She said I was trying to “upstage” her because I never expressed a desire for a “fancy” wedding before,” she continued.

“He asked me if we could tone it down, so it doesn’t exceed the budget they had for their own wedding. I laughed because, honestly, I couldn’t believe what I was hearing, and then I naturally said no. He sounded upset and hung up.”

“A few hours later, Heather calls, and she starts yelling at me, repeating mostly the same stuff, saying she knew I was always jealous of her and I’m only with my fiancé because he’s rich, and I want to rub it in her face. That made me snap, and I said, “if you’re that obsessed with money, maybe you should have married someone else instead of my brother; if anyone’s jealous of someone, it’s you,” she screamed at me and started crying before hanging up.”

Her brother is now furious with her, especially since she suggested Heather should have picked another guy to marry. As for her mom and dad, they believe she was rude to Heather, and they want her to not spend as much as she planned on her wedding in order to not upset Heather.

She’s feeling conflicted, as her fiancé wants an enormous wedding and has no intention of slowing down his spending on this. She’s left wondering if it is wrong of her to have a wedding that really makes her sister-in-law’s pale in comparison.

What do you think?

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