Her Mother-In-Law Dropped Everything To Move Closer After Her Husband Called Her Up To Say He Missed Her One Day, And Now Her Mother-In-Law Is Expecting To Live With Them While She Gets Settled

shurkin_son - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

For those of us who have close relationships with our mothers, moving away from them can be really hard. It’s especially difficult for moms who have to watch their kids move far away.

One woman’s mother-in-law recently dropped everything to move closer to her and her husband because she got one phone call from him saying that he missed her.

She and her husband are in their mid-20s and have been married for five years. They’re from Canada and live on the opposite side of the country from his mother. 

A few months ago, her husband had a rough day and decided to give his mom a call. He told her that he missed her.

That call must’ve really struck a nerve with his mom, as she contacted a realtor one week later and decided to sell her house to move closer to them. She thought it was crazy impulsive of her mother-in-law, but she didn’t mind the idea of her being close as she thinks she’s a sweet and wonderful woman.

But like any human being, her mother-in-law has flaws. Her biggest one is that she’s very irresponsible with money. Her mother-in-law is not a rich woman and lives off of disability checks. She’s retired with no job. Yet, the same month she impulsively decided to sell her house, she bought herself a new car.

Her mother-in-law has been irresponsible with money since she knew her husband in college, and she remembered him sending his mom money when he was a broke student. 

shurkin_son – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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