Her Older Sister Recently Tried To Claim That She Raised Her And Her Twin Brother, So She Called Her Out, And Now Her Sister Is Furious With Her

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Have you ever heard the term ‘parentification?’ It’s used to describe family scenarios where a sibling takes on the role of parent for another sibling. 

One family was shocked when the eldest sibling said she was a victim of parentification over the holidays.

However, her younger sister claims she only said this because she had always been jealous of the extra attention her little brother and sister got growing up. 

She and her twin brother, Mark, are 22-years-old and the family’s youngest siblings. They’ve always had a complicated relationship with their older sister, Riley, who is 25. 

She and Mark really don’t get along with Riley well at all because Riley pretty much grew up resenting the two of them.

“My mother says that this is because when Mark and I were born, people would always express more interest in us than Riley since we were twin babies,” she explained.

Over the recent holidays, Riley said something that had the family taken aback. All three siblings were visiting their parents.

Their mom commented on how proud she was of all of them. Suddenly, Riley said she was the one that should be proud, considering that she raised her siblings. 

Granted, since both of their parents worked while they were growing up, Riley would have to pitch in to help her young siblings occasionally.

standret – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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