Her Sister Attempted To Sabotage Her Wedding By Encouraging Her Nieces And Nephews Not To Show Up, So Now She’s Refusing To Attend Her Niece’s Wedding, And Her Mom Believes She’s Being Immature

She also helped her niece secure an apartment after turning 20-years-old.

Once her niece actually got the apartment, though, her sister and her sister’s husband came crawling back. They apparently convinced her niece to move back in and, afterward, turned her niece against her.

“The same niece turned on me, and I felt very sad because she was in my home, and I did everything for her when her own mom discarded her like trash,” she revealed.

Then, in 2021, the same exact thing happened yet again. Her sister kicked out her nephew– who was just 16 at the time. And her nephew went running to her for help.

So, she picked up her nephew and let him stay in her home– just as she did with her niece.

At the same time, she and her now-husband were planning their wedding. And in spite of their differences, she knew there was no way she couldn’t invite her sister and her nieces and nephews to the event.

Anyway, she tried to be the bigger person and extended the invitation to her sister’s family. But to her complete surprise, her sister and her sister’s children just wound up ridiculing her!

In fact, her sister told her that her attitude was “too disgusting” to ever get married. Then, her sister claimed they would not be attending because she “didn’t deserve” to be married. Finally, everyone except her niece blocked her on social media.

Now, at that point, her niece still promised to be there and even promised to act as a witness to her wedding.

Come the day of her nuptials, though, her niece didn’t show up– and never even gave her the courtesy of a phone call. Later on, after her mom called her niece to see what had happened, her niece also said, “I don’t even know what kind of wedding it is. I don’t see the point in all this,” before hanging up.

Thankfully, her photographer was willing to step in and be the second witness for her wedding. But obviously, her heart was still completely broken after her sister’s whole family did that.

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