Her Stepsister Expected Her To Agree To Babysit Since She Already Does This For Her Brother, But She Doesn’t Want To Have A Relationship With Her Stepsister At All, So She Told Her No

hetmanstock2 - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This woman’s brother has 3 young children who are all under the age of 4, and she frequently babysits for her brother.

Now, she also has a stepsister who has a 7-month-old baby, but she does not consider her stepsister to be a sibling of hers.

She doesn’t even have a relationship with her stepsister at all, though, and they were never friendly growing up, either.

“We weren’t close when my dad married her mom, and her mom was my dad’s affair partner, and she was the kid who thought it was great, so my brother and I didn’t really like her for that,” she explained.

“She thought we were brats who couldn’t accept that her mom was better than ours, and that’s why the affair wasn’t a bad thing.”

“We ended up choosing as older teenagers not to see our dad anymore. He kept trying to keep us in his life. But he broke our mom’s heart, and he broke our trust.”

Additionally, her dad gave her and her brother zero time to process the fact that he was splitting up with their mom.

Just three days after her dad followed through with the divorce, he moved in with the woman he cheated on her mom with. Next, her dad tried to market her new stepsister as her actual “sister.”

So, when she decided to cut her dad out of her life, she did not cut out her dad’s family; she has remained in contact with them, and they have, in turn, kept in touch with her dad’s new family.

hetmanstock2 – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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