How To Plan And Host An Epic Bachelorette Weekend, Complete With A Simple Checklist

SylwiaMoz - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

If your best friend has chosen you to be their maid of honor or bridesmaid, you probably feel pretty honored. But, after the initial excitement dies down, you might also become quite overwhelmed and stressed out.

Aside from being there for the bride throughout all stages of the wedding planning process, you will also be expected to plan a bachelorette party of epic proportions.

And if planning is not your forte, this can be seriously anxiety-inducing.

You don’t have to worry too much, though, because below, we have included a simple checklist to help kickstart the bachelorette party planning process and ensure the bride has a stellar time.

1. Check In With The Bride 

For some people, surprises are the best. But when it comes to weddings (and bachelorette parties), you would probably rather be safe than sorry.

So, it doesn’t hurt to check in with the bride and the rest of her bridal party to learn about their boundaries and expectations for the celebration.

Find out if the bride is eager to party hard or kick back in a more low-key fashion. Also, determine if the bride and her bridal party are down to travel and if there are any additional guests that should be on the invite list.

Finally, determine if the bride wants things to get wild and how much money everyone plans to dish out during the bachelorette party. This can help inform what location and activities you choose later on.

SylwiaMoz – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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