If You’re Not Liking The Idea Of A Flower Girl At Your Wedding, Why Not Have A Flower Man Like This Bride Did?

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If you’re planning your upcoming wedding and are stressing over not knowing any children in your life to be your flower girl, there’s no need to worry. Instead, you can participate in one of the latest wedding trends and let there be a ‘flower man.’ 

Lately, some brides have taken to social media to post videos of adult men in their lives who stepped in and took over the flower girl role, and it is iconic.

Some brides ask the man of their choice to do it because they wanted him in the wedding party but didn’t know where to put him, or simply because it is really great and funny. 

The origin of a flower girl at weddings dates all the way back to Roman Empire. Little girls would walk down the aisle before the bride, tossing things like grains and herbs to bring good luck surrounding the couple’s fertility. 

In the Elizabethan era, little flower girls were seen as a symbol of innocence and represented the bride’s younger years, walking before her to show the transition from childhood into adulthood.

Today, flower girls are mainly around because they’re adorable, and people with children in their families love to have them as a part of their weddings. However, little girls might start getting replaced by more and more flower men.

A TikTok user named Brittany (@brittnaayyy) asked her cousin Marcus to be her flower man, and the video she posted of him took the internet by storm. 

The viral video shows Marcus strutting down the long outdoor aisle with a basket of white flower petals.

He smoothly walked down to a funky instrumental track called “Crushin” by J Dilla. Every time there was a paused beat in the song, Marcus would strike a pose and toss some petals. 

Dannyndungu/Wirestock Creators – – illustrative purposes only

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