In 2001, She Attended A Party With Her Friends, But After She Got Dropped Off Back At Her Home That Night, This College Girl Mysteriously Vanished

The group of girls wound up partying until about 2:00 a.m. And afterward, they traveled to a different friend’s home to play video games for a couple of hours.

So, they did not arrive home until 4:00 a.m. At that point, Stacy dropped Cindy off at her apartment and waved goodbye.

Stacy never actually saw Cindy enter her apartment, though, and the 21-year-old was never seen again after that night.

“We have no body, we have no crime scene, and we have no actual crime,” said Detective Brian Sprinkle of the Ferguson Township Police Department.

“So it’s been very frustrating without any of those pieces of the puzzle. And because of that, it seems like she just vanished into thin air.”

Cindy was known among her peers as an independent and spontaneous young woman. However, she was also a responsible and hard-working student.

While maintaining good grades in school, Cindy also worked two jobs. On top of that, she had already enrolled in classes for her next semester and bought Britney Spears tickets for an upcoming concert.

Due to this, both Cindy’s friends and authorities did not believe she had just run off.

Stacy reported the 21-year-old missing the day after Halloween. Cindy had missed her shifts at work, and authorities reportedly launched their investigation promptly.

Upon searching Cindy’s apartment, investigators did not find any signs of a struggle. But Stacy claimed to have discovered some suspicious clues.

“We found her eyelashes on the counter because she was wearing fake eyelashes. So we knew that she must have at least come in and taken those off,” Stacy explained.

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