Moms Really Are The Most Incredible Entrepreneurs, Hands Down, And Here’s Why

Moms Are Compassionate

After doing what moms do every day, it would probably be easy to become bitter, angry, and even mean. Yet, moms continue to lead with empathy– putting a smile on their faces and helping others whenever they need it.

A large part of being a great leader is leading with your heart: treating team members or employees like people who deserve understanding, graditutide, and compassion.

That’s why moms could not be stronger leaders. They have robust interpersonal skills and can sense when someone is feeling down or simply struggling to get something done.

Team members love leaders who are moms, too, because they are typically more approachable and make others feel heard.

Forget The Resume Gap

So, if you are a mom with a 10 or even 20-year gap on your resume, stop worrying about the blank space. Instead, remember that those years were actually far from blank and filled with countless examples of team leadership and management.Moms are way more qualified than they often give themselves credit for, and their transferrable skills make them an asset to the business world.

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